Nobuaki Hirayama | Manager of Miss Korea in UPPER DECK TOKYO

Nobuaki Hirayama | Manager of Miss Korea in UPPER DECK TOKYO

UPPER DECK TOKYO, a restaurant complex in Haneda Airport is an exposition of the world’s cuisines where customers can enjoy authentic international food all at once. Miss Korea is one of the nine restaurants currently open in the complex, and its manager Hirayama says that UPPER DECK TOKYO has more to offer than just food.

Hirayama UPPER DECK TOKYO is a place where people who are just about to depart or arrived comes to enjoy their precious time. When people hear “food court”, they might imagine those in a shopping mall where you find fast food chains serving the same menu everywhere you go. UPPER DECK TOKYO is exactly not that.

We believe an airport is a place of inspiration where people encounter new culture and opportunities. Even if they were on a business trip or going home for vacation, we’d like to inspire our customers with a new sensation they’ve never experienced.

That is why we serve authentic food from around the world at the 2nd Terminal which specializes in domestic flights. We’ve also decorated our eat-in space with designer’s chair and mismatching tables so that everyone could find their favorite place within the deck.

For travelers, airport is the starting point and the end point of their journey. We hope that their time at UPPER DECK TOKYO becomes a memorable part of that trip.